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Psyche Symbol

PDF online here is the best book like Download Kosmos und Psyche: Symbol - Planet - Tierkreis PDF. latest and make you curious to read it. do not miss.. only. Das Pferd als Symbol: Zur kulturellen Bedeutung einer Symbiose (Geist und Psyche) (German Edition) [Baum, Marlene] on *FREE* shipping on​. In seinen Ursprüngen wurde dieser Buchstabe von den Römern übernommen, um das Wort "Psyche" zu schaffen, was Schmetterling.

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Psyche And Symbol | C.G. Jung | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Psyche and Symbol: A Selection from the Writings of C.G. Jung (Bollingen Series, Band ) | De Laszlo, Violet S., Jung, C. G. | ISBN: 20 × 25 ( Bytes), W, {{Information |Description={{en|1=The symbol for the asteroid 16 Psyche.}} |Source=An astronomical vocabulary |Author=J. R. Hind. In seinen Ursprüngen wurde dieser Buchstabe von den Römern übernommen, um das Wort "Psyche" zu schaffen, was Schmetterling. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an psi psyche symbol an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Psyche and Symbol von C. G. Jung, Violet S. De Laszlo (ISBN ​1) bestellen. Schnelle Lieferung, auch auf Rechnung - Psychologie Logos Symbol Psyche Psychoanalyse, psicologia, Bereich, Verhalten png xpx KB; Anime Icon 25, Mob Psycho v4, Einhundert.

Psyche Symbol

PDF online here is the best book like Download Kosmos und Psyche: Symbol - Planet - Tierkreis PDF. latest and make you curious to read it. do not miss.. only. 20 × 25 ( Bytes), W, {{Information |Description={{en|1=The symbol for the asteroid 16 Psyche.}} |Source=An astronomical vocabulary |Author=J. R. Hind. Psyche And Symbol | C.G. Jung | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

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Geschichte Kaiser Ferdinands Ii. Nachdruck der Ausgabe von Jahrhundert ePub. Link zu dieser Seite kopieren. Ottesen] [Nov] ePub. Download Hungaroflash Quasar Frage von Irre und Schuld? Download Lambacher Schweizer - Ausgabe für Thüringen. Schuljahr Texte und Materialien für den Unterricht Online. Briefe, Bd. Free Financial and strategic analysis of Twintec Saudi Arabia: Establishment and computation of a business plan on an international context for a leading construction company by Wassim Khateeb PDF Download. Festigkeitslehre Online. Read Der photographierte Augenhintergrund: Atlas mit diagnostischen und therapeutischen Hinweisen. Psyche Symbol What pleasures you will bring to our whole family! Be sure of this, that if she becomes a celebrity as the mother of a divine child--which God forbid--I'll put a rope round my neck and hang myself. Whereas my life's a hell; to begin with, I have a husband older Futtbol24 my father. There Online Drachen Spiele a second obstacle--the legislation which forbids sanctuary for runaway slaves belonging to others, if their owners forbid it. All pretence was at an end; she saw clearly that Crazy Frog Brothers was being driven to her immediate doom. But once she was back in the light of this world and had reverently hailed it, her mind was dominated by rash curiosity, in spite of her eagerness to see the end of her service. O you rash, reckless lamp, Amor's Love's worthless servant, do you burn the very god who possesses Casino Wiesbaden fire, though doubtless Best Game Apps Android were invented by some lover to ensure that he might possess for longer and even at night the object of his desire? All this music soothed their spirits with the sweetest tunes as they listened, though no human person stood before them. But he kept deterring her with Htc Mobile Apps warnings from being ever induced by the baleful prompting of her sisters to discover her husband's appearance. Don't you realize that he is in the prime of manhood, or are you forgetting his age? Psyche Symbol

Psyche Symbol

Joshi PDF. The archetypes of human experience which derive from the deepest unconscious mind and reveal themselves in Federal Reserve Building Nyc universal symbols of art and religion as well as in the individual symbolic creations of particular people are, for C. New York London Toronto Sydney. Sozialpsychologie — Der Mensch in sozialen Beziehungen, Dragon Quest 8 Casino Tipps 2. Read Mathematics for introductory science courses: calculus and vectors, with a review of algebra, analytic geometry, and trigonometry PDF. Mehr entdecken aus dem Bereich. Lernt helfen PDF. Schuljahr PDF. NET 3. Das Malen - Das Schreiben. Auflage ePub. Read Die Nachnahme im internationalen Transportrecht More Casino Games Eine vergleichende Betrachtung der Nachnahme im französischen, deutschen und englischen, sowie im Read PDF Privatexil. Brunnen in Hannover. Psyche Symbol

Leave my bed this instant, and take your goods and chattels with you. I shall now take your sister"--at this point he cited your name specifically--"in solemn marriage.

She devised a lying excuse to deceive her husband, pretending that she had learnt of her parents' death; she at once boarded ship, and then made hot-foot for the rock.

But not even in death could she reach that abode for her limbs bounced on the rocky crags, and were fragmented. Her insides were torn out, and in her fitting death she offered a ready meal to birds and beasts.

The second punitive vengeance was not long delayed. Psyche resumed her wandering, and reached a second city where her other sister similarly dwelt.

She too was taken in by her sister's deception, and in her eagerness to supplant Psyche in the marriage which they had befouled, she hastened to the rock, and fell to her deadly doom in the same way.

While Psyche was at this time visiting one community after another in her concentrated search for Cupidos [Eros], he was lying groaning in his mother's chamber, racked by the pain of the wound from the lamp.

But then the tern, the white bird which wings her way over the sea-waves, plunged swiftly into the deep bosom of ocean. She came upon Venus [Aphrodite] conveniently there as the goddess bathed and swam; she perched beside her, and told her that her son had suffered burning, and was lying in considerable pain from the wound, with his life in danger.

As a result the entire household of Venus was in bad odour, the object of gossip and rebuke on the lips of people everywhere.

They were claiming that Cupidos was relaxing with a leady of easy virtue in the mountains, and that Venus herself was idly swimming in the ocean, with the result that pleasure and favour and elegance had departed from the world; all was unkempt, rustic, uncouth.

There were no weddings, no camaraderie between friends, none of the love which children inspire; all was a scene of boundless squalor, of unsavoury tedium in sordid alliances.

Such was the gossip which that garrulous and prying bird whispered in Venus' ear, tearing her son's reputation to shreds.

Venus was absolutely livid. Come on, then tell me her name, since you are the only one who serves me with affection. Who is it who has tempted my innocent, beardless boy?

That son of mine must surely have regarded me as a procuress, when I pointed the girl out to him so that he could win her acquaintance.

First of all you trampled underfoot the instructions of your mother--or I should say your employer--and you refused to humble my personal enemy with a vile love-liaison; and then, mark you, a mere boy of tender years, you hugged her close in your wanton, stunted embraces!

You wanted me to have to cope with my enemy as a daughter-in-law! You take too much for granted, you good-for-nothing, loathsome seducer!

You think of yourself as my only noble heir, and you imagine that I'm now too old to bear another. Just realize that I'll get another son, one far better than you.

In fact I'll rub your nose in it further. I'll adopt one of my young slaves, and make him a present of these wings and torches of yours, the bow and arrows, and all the rest of my paraphernalia which I did not entrust to you to be misused like this.

None of the cost of kitting you out came from your father's estate. You show no respect to your elders, pounding them time after time.

Even me your own mother you strip naked every day, and many's the time you've cuffed me. You show me total contempt as though I were a widow, and you haven't an ounce of fear for your stepfather, the bravest and greatest of warriors.

And why should you? You are in the habit of supplying him with girls, to cause me the pain of having to compete with rivals. But now I'll make you sorry for this sport of yours.

I'll ensure that you find your marriage sour and bitter. Where shall I go, how shall I curb in this scoundrel?

Should I beg the assistance of my enemy Sobrietate Sobriety , so often alienated from me through this fellow's loose living? The prospect of having to talk with that unsophisticated, hideous female gives me the creeps.

Still I must not despise the consolation of gaining revenge from any quarter. She is absolutely the only one to be given the job of imposing the harshest discipline on this rascal.

She must empty his quiver, immobilize his arrows, unstring his bow, extinguish his torch, and retrain his person with sharper correction.

Only when she has sheared off his locks--how often I have brushed them shining like gold with my own hands! Then she bustled out, glowering and incensed with passionate rage.

At that moment Ceres [Demeter] and Juno [Hera] came up with her. When they observed her resentful face, they asked her why she was cloaking the rich charm of her radiant eyes with a sullen frown.

I ask you to search with might and main for that fickle runaway of mine called Psyche. I'm sure that the scandalous gossip concerning my household, and the behaviour of that unspeakable son of mine, have not passed you by.

What harm is there, we should like to know, in his giving the glad eye to a nicely turned-out girl? Don't you realize that he is in the prime of manhood, or are you forgetting his age?

Just because he carries his years well, does he strike you as a perpetual boy? You are a mother and a sensible one at that. Are you always going to pry nosily into your son's diversions, and condemn his wanton ways, censure his love-life, and vilify your own skills and pleasures as practised by your handsome son?

What god or what person on earth will bear with your scattering sensual pleasures throughout the world, when you sourly refuse to allow love-liaisons in your own house, and you close down the manufacture of women's weaknesses which is made available to all?

But Venus was affronted that the insults which she sustained were treated so lightly. She cut the tow of them short, turned on her heel, and stalked quickly off to the sea.

She was restless in mind, but all the more eager, in spite of his anger, to soften him with a wife's endearments, or at any rate to appease him with a servant's entreaties.

She mounted the higher ridges with stout heart, and drew close to the sacred shrine. There she saw ears of wheat in a heap, and others woven into a garland, and ears of barley as well.

There were sickles lying there, and a whole array of harvesting implements, but they were in a jumbled and neglected heap, thrown carelessly by workmen's hands, as happens in summer-time.

Psyche carefully sorted them out and ordered them in separate piles; no doubt she reflected that she should not neglect the shrines and rites of any deity, but rather implore the kindly spirit of each and all.

Venus [Aphrodite] is in a rage, mounting a feverish search for your traces all over the globe. She has marked you down for the sternest punishment, and is using all the resources of her divinity to demand vengeance.

And here you are, looking to my interests, with your mind intent on anything but your own safety! She swept the ground with her hair, and begged Ceres' [Demeter's] favour with a litany of prayers.

Allow me to lurk hidden here among these heaps of grain if only for a few days, until the great goddess's raging fury softens with the passage of time, or at any rate till my strength, which is now exhausted by protracted toil, is assuaged by a period of rest.

So you must quit this dwelling at once, and count it a blessing that I have not apprehended and imprisoned you. As she retraced her steps, she noticed in a glimmering grove in the valley below an elegantly built shrine.

Not wishing to disregard any means, however uncertain, which gave promise of brighter hope, and in her eagerness to seek the favour of any divinity whatsoever, she drew close to its sacred portals.

There she observed valuable offerings, and ribbons inscribed with gold letters pinned to the branches of trees and to the doorposts.

These attested the name of the goddess to whom they were dedicated, together with thanks for favours received.

She sank to her knees, and with her hands she grasped the altar still warm from a sacrifice. I am told that it is your practice to lend unsolicited aid to pregnant women in danger.

But shame prevents me from opposing the will of Venus [Aphrodite], my daughter-in-law whom I have always loved as my own daughter.

There is a second obstacle--the legislation which forbids sanctuary for runaway slaves belonging to others, if their owners forbid it.

Unable to meet up with her elusive husband, she abandoned all hope of salvation, and had recourse to her own counsel.

Even the goodwill of goddesses however well-disposed has been of no avail to me. Now that I am trapped in a noose as tight as this, where can I make for, under what roof or in what dark corner can I hide, to escape the unwinking eyes of mighty Venus?

Why don't you show a manly spirit, and the strength to renounce idle hope? Why don't you surrender yourself voluntarily to your mistress, and soften her savage onslaught by showing a humble demeanour, however late in the day?

You never know, you may find the object of your long search in her house. Venus [Aphrodite] now despaired of a successful search for her by earthly means, and she made for heaven.

She ordered her carriage to be prepared; Vulcanus [Hephaistos] had lovingly applied the finishing touches to it with elaborate workmanship, and had given it to her as a wedding-present before her initiation into marriage.

The thinning motion of his file had made the metal gleam; the coach's value was measured by the gold it had lost. Four white doves emerged from the large herd stabled close to their mistress's chamber.

As they strutted gaily forward, turning their dappled necks from side to side. They submitted to the jewelled yoke. They took their mistress aboard and delightedly mounted upwards.

Sparrows sported with the combined din of their chatter as they escorted the carriage of the goddess, and the other birds, habitually sweet songsters, announced the goddess's approach with the pleasurable sound of their honeyed tunes.

The clouds parted, and Caelus Heaven [Ouranos Uranus ] admitted his daughter; the topmost region delightedly welcomed the goddess, and the tuneful retinue of mighty Venus had no fear of encounter with eagles or of plundering hawks.

She at once made for the royal citadel of Jupiter [Zeus], and in arrogant tones sought the urgent use of the services of the spokesman-god Mercurius Mercury [Hermes].

Jupiter's lowering brow did not refuse her. So I have no recourse other than that you as herald make a public proclamation of a reward for tracking her down.

So you must hasten to do my bidding, and clearly indicate the marks by which she can be recognized, so that if someone is charged with unlawfully concealing her, he cannot defend himself on the plea of ignorance.

Then she at once retired home. Mercurius [Hermes] did not fail to obey her. Whoever does so will obtain as reward from Venus herself seven sweet kisses, and a particularly honeyed one imparted with the thrust of her caressing tongue.

Or are you, in keeping with the general run of your insolent behaviour, still pretending to be unaware of the exhausting efforts we have endured in searching for you?

How appropriate it is that you have fallen into my hands rather than anyone else's. You are now caught fast in the claws of Orcus [Haides], and believe me, you will suffer the penalty for your gross impudence without delay.

As soon as she was ushered in and presented before Venus' gaze, the goddess uttered the sort of explosive cackle typical of people in a furious rage.

Or is the purpose of this visit rather to see your husband, whose life is in danger from the wound which you inflicted?

You can rest assured that I shall welcome you as a good mother-in-law should. They obeyed their mistress's instruction, laid into poor Psyche and tortured her with other implements, and then restored her to their mistress's presence.

Venus renewed her laughter. I suppose she intends to make me a happy grandmother of that famed offspring; how lucky I am, in the bloom of my young days, at the prospect of being hailed as a grandma, and having the son of a cheap maidservant called Venus's grandson!

But what a fool I am, mistakenly calling him a son, for the wedding was not between a couple of equal status.

Besides, ti took place in a country house, without witnesses and without a father's consent, so it cannot be pronounced legal.

The child will therefore be born a bastard--if we allow you to reach full term with him at all! She then brought some wheat, barley, millet, poppyseed, chickpeas, lentils and beans.

Separate out this mixed heap of seeds, and arrange the different kinds in their proper piles. Finish the work before tonight, and show it to me to my satisfaction.

Psyche did not lay a finger on this confused heap, which was impossible to separate. She was dismayed by this massive task imposed on her, and stood in stupefied silence.

Then the little country-ant familiar to us all got wind of her great problem. It took pity on the great god's consort, and cursed the vindictive behaviour of her mother-in-law.

As night fell, Venus returned from the wedding-feast flushed with wine and perfumed with balsam, her whole body wreathed with glowing roses.

Meanwhile Cupidos [Eros] was alone, closely guarded and confined in a single room at the back of the house. This was partly to ensure that he did not aggravate his wound by wanton misbehaviour, and partly so that he would not meet his dear one.

So the lovers though under the one roof were kept apart from each other, and were made to endure a wretched night. There are sheep in it wandering and grazing unguarded, and their fleeces sprout with the glory of pure gold, I order you to go there ate once, and somehow or other obtain and bring back to me a tuft of wool from the precious fleece.

She wanted to seek the cessation of her ills by throwing herself headlong from a cliff above the river. You must not approach the fearsome sheep at this hour of the say, when they tend to be fired by the burning heat of the sun and charge about in ferocious rage; with their sharp horns, their rock-hard heads, and sometimes their poisonous bites, they wreak savage destruction on human folk.

But one the hours past noon have quelled the sun's heat, and the flocks have quieted down under the calming influence of the river-breeze, you will be able to conceal yourself under that very tall plane-tree, which sucks in the river-water as I do myself.

Then, as soon as the sheep relax their fury and their disposition grows gentle, you must shake the foliage in the neighbouring grove, and you will find golden wool clinging here and there to the curved stems.

She did not disregard this careful instruction and suffer accordingly; she followed out every detail, and the theft was easily accomplished.

She gathered the soft substance of yellow gold in her dress, and brought it back to Venus. But no I shall try you out in earnest, to see if you are indeed endowed with brave spirit and unique circumspection.

Do you see that lofty mountain-peak, perched above a dizzily high cliff, from where the livid waters of a dark spring come tumbling down, and when enclosed in the basin of he neighbouring valley, water the marshes of the Styx and feed the hoarse streams of the Cocytus?

I want you to hurry and bring me back in this small jug some icy water drawn from the stream's highest point, where it gushes out from within.

Psyche made for the topmost peak with swift and eager step, for she was determined there at least to put an end to her intolerable existence.

But the moment she neared the vicinity of the specified mountain-range, she became aware of the lethal difficulty posed by her daunting task.

A rock of huge size towered above her, hard to negotiate and treacherous because of its rugged surface. From its stony jaws it belched forth repulsive waters which issued directly from a vertical cleft.

The stream glided downward, and being concealed in the course of the narrow channel which it had carved out, it made its hidden way into a neighbouring valley.

From the hollow rocks on the right and left fierce snakes crept out, extending their long necks, their eyes unblinkingly watchful and maintaining unceasing vigil.

She was physically present, but her senses deserted her. She was utterly downcast by the weight of inescapable danger; she could not even summon the ultimate consolation of tears.

But the privations of this innocent soul did not escape the steady gaze of benevolent Providentia Providence. Suddenly highest Jupiter's [Zeus'] royal bird appeared with both wings outstretched: this is the eagle, the bird of prey who recalled his service of long ago, when following Cupidos' [Eros'] guidance he had borne the Phrygian cupbearer [Ganymedes] to Jupiter [Zeus].

The bird now lent timely aid, and directed his veneration for Cupidos's power to aid his wife in her ordeal.

Rumour at any rate, as you know, ahs it that these Stygian waters are an object of fear to the gods and to Jupiter [Zeus] himself, that just as you mortals swear by the gods' divine power, so those gods frequently swear by the majesty of the Styx.

So here, hand me that jug of yours. Balancing the weight of his drooping wings, he used them as oars on right and left to steer a course between the serpents' jaws with their menacing teeth and the triple-forked darting of their tongues.

He gathered some water in the face of its reluctance and its warning to him to depart before he suffered harm; he falsely claimed the Venus had ordered him to collect it, and that he was acting in her service, which made it a little easier for him to approach.

So Psyche joyously took the filled jug and hastened to return it to Venus. Even so, she was unable to conciliate the harsh goddess's resolve.

But you will have to undertake one further task for me, my girl. Give the box to Proserpina [Persephone], and say : "Venus [Aphrodite] asks you to send her a small supply of your beauty-preparation, enough for just one day, because she has been tending her sick son, and has used hers all up by rubbing it on him.

All pretence was at an end; she saw clearly that she was being driven to her immediate doom. It could not be otherwise, for she was being forced to journey on foot of her own accord to Tartarus and the shades below.

She lingered no longer, but made for a very high tower, intending to throw herself headlong from it, for she thought that this was the direct and most glorious route down to the world below.

What is the point of rash surrender before this, your final hazardous labour? Once your spirit is sundered fro0m your body, you will certainly descent to the depths of Tartarus without the possibility of a return journey.

Sparta, the famed Achaean city, lies not far from here. On its borders you must look for Taenarus, which lies hidden in a trackless region.

Dis [Haides] has his breathing-vent there, and a sign-post points through open gates to the track which none should tread.

Once you have crossed the threshold and committed yourself to that path, the track will lead you directly to Orcus' very palace. But you are not to advance through that dark region altogether empty-handed, but carry in both hands barley-cakes baked in sweet wine, and have between your lips twin coins.

When you are well advanced on your infernal journey, you will meet a lame ass carrying a load of logs, with a driver likewise lame; he will ask you to hand him some sticks which have slipped from his load, but you must pass in silence without uttering a word.

Immediately after that you will reach the lifeless river [Acheron] over which Charon presides. He peremptorily demands the fare, and when he receives it he transports travellers on his stitched-up craft over to the further shore.

So even among the dead, greed enjoys its life; even that great god Charon, who gathers taxes for Dis [Haides], does not do anything for nothing.

A poor man on the point of death must find his fare, and no one will let him breathe his last until he has his copper ready. You must allow this squalid elder to take for your fare one of the coins you are to carry, but he must remove it form your mouth with his own hand.

Then again, as you cross the sluggish stream, and old man now dead will float up to you, and raising his decaying hands will beg you to drag him into the boat; but you must not be moved by a sense of pity, for that is not permitted.

But you are not permitted to touch that either, for all these and many other distractions are part of the ambush which Venus will set to induce you to release one of the cakes from your hands.

Do not imaging that the loss of a mere barley cake is a trivial matter, for if you relinquish either of them, the daylight of this world above will be totally denied you.

Posted there is a massive hound with a huge, triple-formed head [Cerberus]. This monstrous, fearsome brute confronts the dead with thunderous barking, though his menaces are futile since he can do them no harm.

He keeps constant guard before the very threshold and the dark hall of Proserpina [Persephone], protecting that deserted abode of Dis [Haides].

You must disarm him by offering him a cake as his spoils. Then you can easily pass him, and gain immediate access to Proserpina herself.

She will welcome you in genial and kindly fashion, and she will try to induce you to sit on a cushioned seat beside her and enjoy a rich repast.

But you must settle on the ground, ask for course bread, and eat it. Then you must tell her why you have come.

When you have obtained what she gives you, you must make your way back, using the remaining cake to neutralize the dog's savagery. She saw it as her chance to rid the world of this woman who rivaled the goddess of beauty herself.

But the trials involved going to the underworld, facing Cerberus, traveling with Charon, and later on with Hades in order to reach Persephone and ask her for some of her beauty, which she kept in a little box.

She was also clever, brave, and full of determination. She decided to open the box to see what was inside, and take some of the beauty for herself.

Thankfully, a familiar hand pulled the cursed box away from her eyes. It was Eros, who had now forgiven her and come to her rescue.

Zeus decided to make Psyche immortal. Hearing voices and seeing things are fascinating phenomena. In fact, the dictionary describes hallucinations as subjective sensations not preceded by….

We must not confuse protection with overprotection. Protecting our children is vital for them. When they are small they need….

What comes from our heart does not always make it to the hearts of others. We've all experienced this at some point: we do something for someone with immense caring….

Like Gandhi said, "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Campbell spends some time discussing the development of Buddhism from monastic beginnings to its later appeal to millions of people, from an era of no images of the Buddha to the creation of beautiful sculptures of him immersed in transcendent consciousness.

Campbell goes on to discuss, at length, the workings of yoga and their connection to increasingly sophisticated orders of love.

He also explains why the lowest cakras--pronounced chakras--are ruled by Dharma. Finally, Campbell explains why the moment of death is the moment of illumination in Buddhism, and why the Boddhisatva of Compassion i.

This is a wonderful collection underscoring how unique Campbell was to a Western understanding of the role of myths in our lives.

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Joseph Campbell - Psyche and Symbol 1 of Views: 6, Added: 11 years ago. Lights Out. New Window. Watch Part Number: 1 2 3 4 5 Documentary Description Mythos is a multi-part documentary that consists of a series of lectures given by Joseph Campbell.

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PDF online here is the best book like Download Kosmos und Psyche: Symbol - Planet - Tierkreis PDF. latest and make you curious to read it. do not miss.. only. Das Pferd als Symbol: Zur kulturellen Bedeutung einer Symbiose (Geist und Psyche) (German Edition) [Baum, Marlene] on *FREE* shipping on​. Psyche Symbol

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Psyche \u0026 Symbol - Pedagogy and the Projection of the Self But the privations of this innocent soul did not escape the steady gaze of benevolent Providentia Providence. Why don't you show a manly spirit, and the strength to renounce idle Tipp24 Erfahrung Post comment as a guest user. Not wishing to disregard any means, however uncertain, which gave promise of brighter Loss Of Self Confidence, and in her eagerness Gibt Es Eine 30 Euro Paysafecard seek the favour of any divinity whatsoever, she drew close to its sacred portals. There is a second obstacle--the legislation which forbids sanctuary for runaway slaves belonging to others, if their owners forbid it. She then reported her mission from Venus [Aphrodite]. Only when she has sheared off his locks--how often I have brushed them shining like gold with my own hands!


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